Contractor Compliance


SAFcomm® Contractor Management System

SAFcomm® offers a fully managed contractor compliance service to gain more control of your contractors and significantly reduce the risks to your business associated with the management of contractors.

We specialise in contractor compliance and risk management. Our Senior staff have extensive experience in varying industries in the area of Risk Management, Contractor Management and Health and Safety and we pride ourselves on the quality and experience that we offer our Clients and their Contractors.

The SAFcomm® contractor management service is specially designed to work with you and your contractors to meet your legislative and corporate standards and to assist you in identifying all areas of compliance needed to suit your industry and working relationship with your Contractors and Suppliers. We work closely with you and provide assistance tools to help classify your contractor risk and establish compliance criteria for each contractor.


Today’s environment demands effective contractor management
The concept is simple, we collect all the required information based on the Client criteria and requirements, we verify all insurances held by your Contractor, consult with you the Client on compliance, then all information is loaded into SAFcomm® OL (The on-line system) for your viewing and approval.

SAFcomm® will take care of all the notification of change for all updates and insurance changes and keep the communication open with all your Contractors through the on-line system.
Mission Statement

It is our mission to be the premier provider of specialised contractor compliance management services to our clients and our members. As a team we will achieve this through continuous improvement, use of advanced technology and the further development of our alliance partners to allow us to provide and maintain a full quality service.

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